There’s a lot of talk about deals at the moment. Will there be a no deal Brexit? Some say that it is looking increasingly likely. What will that mean for your business? What will it mean for our business? Will energy prices go up on the back of a ‘no deal’? Are these things even related?

Well, there doesn’t seem to be any real ‘hard’ evidence either way at the moment. Probably because we have never been in this exact situation before. Businesses are worried though, there have been several well known names who have moved important parts of their operation out of the UK recently. However, if we exit the EU on March 29th without a deal it is unlikely everything will just grind to a halt. We will simply have to get on with the situation as it is and adjust and evolve our plans and strategies to the ‘new normal’ whatever that may be.

Whether there is a Brexit deal or not, i-Novus will still make sure you get the best deals available on the market for your water, gas, electricity, telecoms and card payments. Click on the link for more details.