i-Novus certainly know the value of networking. From attending golf events to being a member of Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce we definitely keep in touch with local businesses.

We seem to have taken things a step further with one of our other engagement strategies. BNI is the world’s largest business networking organisation and i-Novus have representatives in various BNI chapters across Scotland.

Every April, BNI groups appoint their Leadership teams for the coming year.

Our Business Development Director Derek Broughton, who is a valuable contributing member of BNI Synergy (Dundee) has recently been appointed its Vice President. In the past year, Vicki Bell has made a habit of winning the best ’60 second slot’ at BNI Ultimate (Dundee) and has just been appointed its Vice President! Broker Andy Boyd, who is a seasoned BNI member and past President, is currently a member of BNI Platinum (Aberdeen). You maybe see where this is going? Yes! He has also just been appointed its Vice President!

Just when you’re waiting on a Vice President…3 come along at once…