Quite a few people ask us how we came up with the name i-Novus. Well, it is mainly to do with our Managing Director, Robert Marshall.

Robert has had a wide range of jobs in his career, from professional golfer to office equipment sales person, to name but two! For the past 5 years he has been a utility broker, and helped hundreds of businesses across Scotland get the best contracts for their gas, electricity and water. For 4 of these years Robert was also a full time student, and in 2018 gained a Diploma of Higher Education in Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy at University of Highland and Islands.

As well as sourcing the best utility contracts for our business customers, Robert also practices as a counsellor, in Arbroath and also in Tenerife. Part of the reason Robert does this is related to the novus part of our name, which comes from Latin for new, fresh, or re-birth. Robert previously had his own need for counselling, through addiction issues, and now feels the need to give something back. His recovery, and re-birth was partly achieved through therapy. Robert now uses his person-centred training and blends this with the tools and strategies he learned through his own recovery. He has a bit of life experience into the bargain, leading to a natural empathy with clients.

What about the ‘i’ part of the name? Well, although we deal with most of our customers on a personal face to face basis, in the background there is a lot of ‘intelligent’ use of technology going on.

So, how did you come up with your name?